G-MHW50WK6Q8 Best Practices of Inventory Management – eBodhisathva Solutions - Page 4

Best Practices of Inventory Management

Fulfilment techniques

As mentioned in the previous section ABC analysis tells which item is more priority.

  1. Top Priority items that go out of your warehouse more frequently need efficient picking.
  2. Firstly identify the locations from which it is easy to pick the fast moving and high value items to deliver them quickly to the customer.
  3. Allocate storage space according to priority, value of item and rate of movement (inventory turns, ABC classification). Once this is done you may take the help of technology
  4. Take the benefit of top class Inventory and warehouse management Software to quickly identify the location and map for pick and pack
  5. Use Scanners like Barcode, RFID and other such on every piece of inventory for easy counting

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