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Integrated Service Delivery

Category: ITSL, Program Management

Integrated service delivery refers to a number of service providers working together to collaborate and coordinate their support, services and interventions to Customers. The focus of such delivery models is generally on end Customers, or Customer target groups, who have complex needs that cannot be met by playing by their strength. 

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Post Implementation Issues

Category: ERP, CPIM

Written by Raja Mohan Ivaturi for the magazine "Digital Age” in the year 2000 when ERP was still evolving. We still find the article relevant to the current situation. And the fact that the success of such implementations depend heavily on handling "human element" remains the same even today. The article is pubished with permission from the author. 

Any implementation of the Enterprise Solution or an IT Solution is celebrated at the time the solutions goes live. However the real challenges are exposed on when the live system is put to regular use. The author shared the experiences of such challenges and suggested the possible remedial approaches.  Read more


Best Practices in inventory Management

Category: ERP, CPIM

Many times the industries look outward for improvements by focusing areas like increasing revenue and Delivery Performance. While they are definitely important, you also have a lot of improvements within control for improving the bottom-line.

Inventory management is one such key area.

I wanted to share best practices based on my experience. Because it is all coming from my experience, the narration may not be classic, professional or conceptualized. But still I believe they will be useful to the people who are in the field. And I also want to emphasize that not all is achievable just by implementing an ERP, Item scanners, Robotics and other such options. They all enhance your want, but only after the basics are followed.  Read more


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