About US

Ours is a partnership firm focusing on Professional Educational Services situated in Bangalore and Hyderabad , India. We worked as partners to EXAMPRO, HONGKONG for about 6 years before transforming to Independent Providers.

eBodhisathva believes in offering the best value to the customer by minimizing all other overheads which are  duly passed to customer in the form of price. In other words we believe that the price is the value customer experiences and NOT the costs of administrative and other overheads. We believe that our customer is aware that any fancy spending by the firm is in reality absorbed from the customer without add value to the customer.The fact that major share of our investment goes to the value providers who are creators of the valuable intellectual content for the customers, indicates how determined the firm is for ensuring the best value to customers.Any spend that does not add value to customer is cost for the firm and for the customer.

We have a team that has good industrial and academic background with certifications such as APICS CPIM,CIERP,CISA,CBCP,CQA and PMP. In addition some of the team members were authors of many thought provoking literature in the area such as  Design Thinking, DevOps, ERP Implementation, Business Ethics in IT, Center of Excellence and Value Added Tax.