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Supply Chain Planning and Execution Practice Questions (200)

eBodhisathva Solutions prepared the Practice Questions to help the certification aspirants to test their knowledge. The Questions are associated with answers and detailed explanations. These explanations not only provide the needed clarity on the topic. They in addition, provide a small scale notes on the topic. Many clarifications include discussions around the topic, complementary terms and subjects as well as relevant examples.

As an example, please look at the Question and the corresponding answer and explanation.


The Least Unit Cost (LUC) approach produces an irregular interval between replenishment orders on the basis of the number of weeks that will minimize unit cost. (True or False)

Answer: True


In Least cost per Unit (LCU) Lot sizing method the order size is determined such that the demand for the next few periods will be met, with average cost per unit at the minimum.

For each possible number of period, the ordering and carrying costs are computed to arrive at the possible average unit price. The number of periods for which you want to order is determined on the basis of for which number of periods the average unit price is the least.


For the visible demand, the cost per unit in 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks will be computed. If the least unit price is estimated at 3 weeks period, the order size will be equal to requirements in the coming 3 weeks.

Because the order size is always determined based on number of periods of requirements (against which the average unit price is minimum), the ordering intervals keep changing.

This set of Practice questions helps students refresh their knowledge by checking their level of understanding in Manufacturing Planning and Execution. There are four kits with about 200 well designed Questions The intention of making one large kit covering the diverse topics is to create an experience close to one of the REAL exams.

The topics covered include Manufacturing, Forecasting, Planning (Production, Procurement and JIT) Logistics, Distribution Requirement Planning, Capacity Requirement planning, Inventory, Production activity Control, Quality, Order Promising and Customer Service.

  1. Manufacturing Planning and Execution set 1 ( 80 Questions)Majority of Questions in this set are from
    1. Shop Floor Management,
    2. Performance measurement,
    3. Planning (MPS, MRP & CRP) and
    4. Inventory
  2. Manufacturing Planning and Execution set 2 (40 Questions)Majority of Questions in this Set are from
    1. Just-in-Time and Inventory Management
  3. Manufacturing Planning and Execution set 3 (40 Questions)Majority of Questions in this Set are from
    1. Inventory lot sizing, Valuation, quality (obsolescence, Non-Conforming etc)
    2. Customer service, Safety stock and Safety Time, order Promising
    3. MRP (planned, open and Firm orders, Lead times, Planning etc)
    4. Shop Floor management (Throughput, I/O control, Capacity planning etc)
  4. Manufacturing Planning and Execution set 4 (40 Questions)

While the questions are based on the Production and Inventory Management concepts many questions are scenario based. And good number of questions has combination of multiple options as the right answer to enable the aspirants consolidate their understanding to the full extent. The answers are associated with explanation on the correct answer option and why other options are not correct or not relevant in the context of the Question. Some of the answers can be correct in relevance to the scenario and best among the answer options given.

Students will agree there was long and deep thought process while designing the questions to sharpen the concepts, consolidate the understanding of concepts as well as the platform to check the level of knowledge attained. We wish you the greatest success in enriching the knowledge and certification.

We wish a great success to all our enrolled students.

Disclaimer: We are providing the practice questions with intention to help the students test their knowledge in the space of Supply Chain and prepare for certifications relevant to this Subject. We are however not associated with any Certification Providers or their partners.

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