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SAP Engineering Workbench in a Nutshell

SAP Engineering Work Bench (ECC and S4HANA2020) ratingSAP Engineering Workbench is a great utility to provide the extra value over the traditional offerings in SAP Processes.

You normally define the Bills 

and Task Lists (Routings) in individual processes of SAP (CS01/02 and CA02/02).

You define component assignments to Operations and vice versa through switching between the Routing and Bill multiple times.

However at any point of time, you do not get the wholistic view of

      • how your Product is structured
      • what sequence of Production steps you need to execute
      • what tools you need to use
      • which material you need to pick while executing  each step (Operation).

You are prone to make mistakes if you do not make a notes of which component you map to which Operation or any other relevant transaction.

Engineering workbench provides one interface providing wholistic picture through which you can view the Task lists, Bills and the relations between components and Operations and many other relations.

Changes in integrated manner

When you try to redesign your product you may make changes to the components of one or more products. In particular case of a specific item being upgraded and phased out by another one, the impact is on multiple parents. You may want to make the updates to all the Bills in one go. You are aware the Mass Changes Program can perform the changes at large scale . However Mass Changes program can perform one type of change at a time even though for a large number of records.

      • What if you want to make multiple changes and to multiple Bills or Task lists?
      • How do you make one change to a component in one Bill and another change to the same component in a few other bills?
      • When you change the components, can you perform changes to task list in the same action? (Because your operations may change when the corresponding Material is replaced or upgraded to different characteristics)
      • Without changing screen, Can you make all new component assignments after components or operations are changed? 

Engineering Workbench helps you perform multiple actions on multiple Bills and Routings in one view.

You can use the Workbench as a Data Extraction tool for Bills, Task lists and other relevant details of Product. You can export the data in multiple formats such as Text, HTML, CSV and other formats in Data Migration and SAP Rollouts. It is possible that you may use the text output as a flat file to load the data in other systems. You can use structured presentation in HTML to SMEs for review and analysis. CSV files can be compiled to the kind of form from which you can derive meaningful conclusions for your decisions. You can share the data with other relevant stakeholders with appropriate Sensitive settings.

This course will explain how the Engineering workbench helps you achieve the integrated Product design and changes in seamless manner.

The course is structured as below:

      • Introduction of Engineering Workbench
      • Elements of Engineering Workbench
      • Navigation and cockpit overview of Engineering Workbench



      • Finished Material Creation for Demo
      • Component Material Creation for Demo
      • Bill Creation and Copy to other finished Material Bills
      • Create and Copy Routing

Demo of multiple Scenarios

      • Work Area Overview
      • Cockpit Overview and Navigation
      • Changes to Component attributes in multiple Bills
      • Add and Delete components in multiple Bills
      • Component Assignments to Operations
      • Mass changes to Operations of task lists
      • Engineering Workbench as a Data Extraction Utility
      • Multi-level Copy of BOM and Routing Headers without Component assignments (Added on 30th March)
      • Multi-level Copy of BOM and Routing Headers along with Component assignments (Added on 30th March)


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