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ERP Selection Process – Venkat Manthri

Enterprise Resource Planning applications revolutionized the way Organizations function with high level of collaboration among different Departments/Functions. The integrated view offered by ERP allowed organizations to streamline their internal processes and plan more empowerment at different levels with complete control on the overall framework planned.

Considering the extent of coverage ERP applications provide and capability to process multiple transactions in parallel, ERP applications are very complex to understand and adopt.

Organizations generally initiate ERP Adoption when they are on growth path and it makes the selection process further complex.

ERP Adoption is a very difficult decision for the organizations considering the complexities associated with it –

– It costs huge sum of money to acquire, implement and maintain these applications

– Since it covers all departments of the Organization, it is very difficult to make assessment of fitment of appropriate application

– It increases transparency and fixes responsibility that many people may not like

– It democratizes the knowledge across the organization which may meet with some resistance

Considering various challenges, ERP Selection needs a systematic approach where all possible challenges are addressed and most suited application is selected.

This course is to demystify the ERP selection process for Strategy Consultants, Organizational Decision Drivers such as CIOs, IT Heads, Solution Architects and so on and the Decision Makers for ERP Adoption.

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