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Remote Execution of an SAP Implementation (MMC)

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In the later part of the year 2019 a new virus came in to our life. We didnt have choice but to stay at home and operate with lot of restrictions.

You notice more severe challenges in the business sectors such as Automobiles, Manufacturing, Mining, Logistics & transportation the sectors such as IT.

Other sectors such as Media, Entertainment and Pharma had the opportunity to handle better. It didnt mean these sectors had smooth sailing.

      • Pharma sector needed to make medicines, Sanitizers and many in pandemic restrictions
      • Media and Entertainment teams needed to work while the citizens could enjoy the outcome.
      • Internet and Cloud Services had challenges to ensure IT teams and others can survive. All essential services such as Power, Water and other utilities had to work with threats such as Virus spread.

While IT sector must be thankful for the supporting entities to ensure uninterrupted Internet, Power supplies, Food supplies they had their own challenges. With my purview in IT, I thought of sharing the experiences of executing the IT projects from almost 100% remote.

What do we learn?

Even today, Covid is not yet over. The second wave seemed to be more impactful than the wave one.

Having said that, there was a pause between the waves which gave opportunity to look at:

      • How we handled the pandemic in the first wave with a non-negotiable terms with every team member sitting alone and working from remote, and
      • How, from the learning in Wave 1, can we handle the engagements with much more effective and efficient mechanism

To change your working model from on premise in a few locations to every member sitting alone and working as team, you need to follow multiple steps.

      1. Change your Process and Policies to suite to the new working model.
        1. Change and incorporate Various areas such as
          1. Your attendance system such as physical capture of presence etc
          2. your payroll impact such as lack attendance recording or others
          3. Your asset policies such as disabling USB access, restricting public emails
          4. customer agreements such as need to work in Customer premise
          5. Legal and Compliance procedures to handle issues such as physical movement of company Properties like Desktops
          6. and many others .
        2. Proliferate the new policies and processes, set up a task force and helpdesk to guide the team on new working model
      2. Train every member of your organization from top to bottom. The members can be internal or external stakeholders such as  Customer, Service Provider, 3rd Parties etc
      3. Your Executive teams will guide Multiple levels of Organization such as Middle Management, Support and Project team members
      4. Figure out ways of executing every step of your Project from remote.
        1. If required,  change the plans to accommodate execution of all activities from remote and still meet the objectives
      5. When physical movement is inevitable, figure out in advance on how to perform the activities and what care needed to be taken

Want to know more?

The Course Remote Execution of an SAP Implementation (https://www.michaelmanagement.com/sap-training-course/remote-execution-of-an-sap-implementation) covers this topic extensively along with all other preparations required for any Organization to execute the Projects completely from Remote.

The course introduces a  Problem statement in the form of a virtual scenario that mandated execution of a Large project such as 100% remote execution of SAP Implementation.

Subsequently course covers Preparation aspects such as infrastructure, Training, Process changes etc,  to ensure the new working model is enabled with all support.

At the end, the course explains how you can execute the entire Project. As part of the learning, the course provides review and analysis on open items such as inability to test the Hard Printouts, Physical Server administration tasks, to make your organization more prepared to remote execution.

This course is more like a case study with reference to a Close to real business Case such as SAP Implementation. It is not a structured course that explains just how to implement SAP. It is also not a course which talks about just remote working.

Course Structure

The course in structured as :



Lesson Topic Duration
Welcome 1 Meet your Instructor 02:04 mins
2 Course Overview 07:07 mins
3 What is the context of the course content? 06:10 mins
Business Case 4 Business Case: The Situation 04:11 mins
5 Business Case: The Challenges 10:17 mins
Preparation 6 Process and Policies 03:27 mins
7 Process for New Working Style 09:59 mins
8 Ownership of Asset Protection 03:27 mins
9 Role Clarity 07:06 mins
10 Objectives Achieved from establishing Role Clarity 03:53 mins
11 Protection of Customer Interest 04:43 mins
12 Revisit, Validate and Arrange Infrastructure 10:52 mins
13 Training Managers 07:41 mins
14 Team Building 05:07 mins
Execution Approach 15 Execution Approach: Introduction 01:08 mins
16 Preparation Phase in Brief 02:57 mins
17 Blue Print Phase in Brief 02:29 mins
18 Realization phase in Brief 01:45 mins
19 Final Preparation Phase in brief 02:29 mins
20 Analysis and Plan 01:41 mins
Collaterals 21 SAP Implementation Cycle in Brief PDF
Execution 22 Blue Print Phase: Major Activities 02:11 mins
23 Blue Print Phase: Activity Analysis 11:07 mins
24 Blue Print Phase: Tools Used 02:08 mins
25 Execution: Realization Phase 05:28 mins
26 Execution: Go Live and Support 06:05 mins
Learning 27 Learnings and Experience 07:58 mins
Future Preparation 28 Tips to Prepare Future Remote Engagements 06:33 mins
New way of Life 29 New Way of Life 01:31 mins
30 The Positives 07:20 mins
31 The Challenges 07:14 mins
32 New Way of Life Trends 04:29 mins
Open Items 33 Open Items for Remote Working 06:03 mins
Closure 34 Future Predictions and WishLists 05:30 mins
35 Summary 02:54 mins
36 Course Handout PDF


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