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Bill of Material Concepts & execution in ERP (SAP)

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Bill of Material Concepts & execution in ERP (SAP)   is released 14th December 2020. The course is aimed at freshers aspiring to learn and Bill of Material from Conceptual level and get a feel how Bills are defined and managed in ERPs like SAP. Course covers:

BOM at Conceptual level

    • What is Bill of Material through a few illustrations

    • You will be briefed on how Bill of Material is documented and viewed in multiple forms

    • You will than run through types of Bill of material according to the context of use by various departments such as Engineering, Production, Sales, Service, Product Costing and Planning teams

    • A few examples of how BOM is represented according to various scenarios

    • Tracing the requirements of Parent (from a Component point of view), is performed through Where-used and Pegging reports

BOM in ERP such as SAP

    • The DEMO data used for the Course is explained

    • A brief demonstration of Material Creation and a few useful reports

    • You will see how BOM is created for Semi-finished and Finished Material

    • You will than see how multiple views of BOM are populated and how these views and reports are used in multiple perspectives

Advanced Topics

    • BOM in SAP Engineering Workbench (ECC and S4 HANA)
    • Concepts of Engineering Workbench
    • Demo
      • Mass Changes in BOM using Engineering Workbench
      • Mass Changes in Routing using Engineering Workbench
      • Component assignments using Engineering Workbench
      • Multi-level Copy Routing using Engineering Workbench
      • Multi-level Copy BOM using Engineering Workbench
      • Engineering Workbench as a tool for Data Migration
      • Report

* The Course will be periodically enriched with Quizzes, eBooks and a few exercises that you are do independently in and out of SAP system that you may have access.